Comic Books Collection

How To Handle Collectible Comic Books

Most people who have any kind of familiarity with comic books know that the rarest, most collectible issues, can be worth millions of dollars if properly cared for. Perhaps you’ve read about the recent auction of Action Comics Number 1, the first appearance of

A Guide To Salt Water Fly Fishing

Stillwater Fly casting is by itself sufficiently daunting to give pause for second thought to most greenhorn anglers. Adding saltwater to the mix just makes the whole enterprise seem downright nightmarish. For some fly fishing stalwarts, salt water fly casting is an addicting pastime.

How To Choose Sustainable Fish

Eating fresh fish and other seafood is a great way to add vitamins and healthy fats into your diet. But eating fish from the ocean can have a negative effect on the health of the environment. Many of the fish in our ocean waters
Boxing Style

Boxing Techniques For Beginners

Boxing has been around since the 2nd and 3rd millennium when Sumarian carvings displayed symbols of this fist fighting. There are various styles and techniques associated with the sport that even a beginner can learn. As the popularity grew in this sport it evolved
Boxing Style

How To Throw A Hook In Boxing

The hook is simultaneously the most effective punch in boxing and the hardest to learn. the further you go in your boxing training you will find out that there are many different kinds of hook punches. There is the pullback hook, avoid punches while
Kiting Style

How To Launch A Flexifoil Kite

Who would have thought that flying a kite could be a physical activity? Well, there are many who have taken to this extreme sport and used the kite as a vehicle for exercise and activity. Flexfoil kites are large kites that are strong enough
Kiting Style

How To Use A Kite Pump

Kitesurfing, a type of kiteboarding, is a unique sport that harnesses the wind through the use of a kite to power a rider forward in the water. This fun and thrilling activity requires a surfboard or a specifically designed kitesurfing board and an inflatable

Get The Most Out Of Your DSLR Camera

For the average consumer, DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras can seem menacing to learn at first. With the addition of so many buttons and features the learning curve can seem overwhelming at first; but never fear, it’s quite easy. First and foremost in
Comic Books Collection

How To Become A Comic Book Collector

There are lots of people around us who are comic book fans and collectors. Its is something that is slowly becoming increasingly common by each passing day, it has become a fun little for some but for some it is an intense obsession. Though

How To Big Spin

When it comes to learning how to do a big spin in skateboarding, there are few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, there are essentially two different types of big spins that you can do. One is called the front

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